Our dealers provide us with a diverse offering of quality vehicles on a continual basis, providing the optimal channel for any pre-owned inventory requirements.


The Auto XL coordinates transportation with several pre-screened transport companies who have provided us the appropriate licensing and insurance information.


Check and title are swapped directly between the purchasing dealer and selling dealer. The Auto XL can also assist you with the check and title exchange, if desired.


The vehicles provided consist of top quality frontline ready vehicles, rare finds and fresh trades. If you have specific inventory needs, we can put together a “wish list” for you and locate the vehicles you need. With proper disclosures, we can give any vehicle a new home.


If, upon receipt of a vehicle, the purchasing dealer believes the vehicle fails to meet frontline standards or meet other conditions not disclosed at the time of sale, the purchasing dealer has forty-eight (48) hours from delivery date to submit an arbitration claim. All disputes or arbitration arising out of the purchase or sale of a vehicle at The Auto XL must be submitted in writing, via fax or email, to us.  For the purpose of this agreement the forty-eight (48) hours must fall on a business day. A business day excludes Saturday, Sunday and federal holidays.


We not only assist dealerships with the liquidation and accrual of pre-owned inventory, we do it without you having to attend an auction or leave your dealership at all. This leaves time for you to tend to other tasks, while we do all the legwork for you.